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Pacific!- We’re off!

von | Mrz 11, 2022 | English, Pazifik

Puhh! Now it’s time to wave good bye to Panama! Emma and I will pick up the anchor tomorrow morning to start our exciting Pacific crossing to Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia. We have to sail more than 4100 nautical miles and expect a sea time of 40 days!

Before we enter the big ocean, we will have another stop at Las Perlas islands for two to three days. The winds around Galapagos are not that good forecasted during the next week and we hope to find a better weather window.

We gonna leave the archipelago on our starboard side and set course towards Nuku Hiva after we crossed five our six degrees Latitude. There the trade winds are blowing more consistent and also the southern equatorial current will help us to reach Nuku Hiva save and fast.

The live tracking is activated and my sister Hanna will overtake my Instagram account to inform you about updates.

See you soon,

Emma and Paul

P.S.: If you want to support us on our journey through the Pacific you could sponsor us an arrival dinner on Nuku Hiva here 😉